The SARK Physiotherapy Services Offered at SARK Physiotherapy Clinic and Rehabilitation Centre-

Physiotherapy (or Physical Therapy) is concerned with human function and movement. It is the process of using treatments to promote recovery and rehabilitation of injuries but also, to maximize the body’s functional movement potentials.

Some of the services we provide to help meet your goals are:

A) Exercise Therapy Focalized on strength and conditioning principles to achieve both rehabilitative and performance goals.

B) Manual therapy Including soft tissue mobilizations, graded joint mobilizations and passive stretching to improve tissue extensibility; increase range of motion; modulate pain; and reduce soft tissue swelling and inflammation.

C) Electrotherapy modalities

Ultrasonic, TENS, Traction, Muscle stimulator, Nerve stimulator, Vibrator,\ Wax Bath, IFT and  Laser Therapy.

D) Postural retraining 

  • To reduce chronic pain related to postural dysfunction.
  • Gait, balance and co-ordination training to reduce the risk of falls and optimize daily living.

E) Cupping Therapy
It is also known as Vaccum Cupping, is one of the oldest and most effective method of releasing the toxins and spasm.

Some other modalities are also available -

  • Shoulder pulley
  • Shoulder wheel
  • Ladder 
  • Physio Ball


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